Wireless cameras are wireless, until the battery runs out.

Solar Cam is powered by the sun.

No cables to connect, no batteries to recharge. A truly wireless smart security camera powered by renewable energy.

How does it work?

Sunshine powers the solar panel which charges up the battery that powers Solar Cam, day and night.

When nothing’s happening Solar Cam sleeps. It does this to conserve its battery. You too can sleep more! Solar Cam doesn’t record meaningless video for you to watch.

Solar Cam sleeps with one eye open. While “asleep” the passive infrared sensor is always watching, looking out for abnormal motion monitoring ambient heat changes within its field of view. Then, within just half a second, Solar Cam is awake and recording HD video of the event.

See what Solar Cam sees streaming live and recorded video from its iOS and Android App. When you’re not watching, Solar Cam sends a push notification to you whenever someone or something’s awry.

Stick it where the sun don’t shine! Easily detach the solar panel and connect it up to 12ft away with its waterproof cable.

Sunshine’s free, so why not storage?

No monthly fees or subscriptions. Solar Cam records HD video locally, keeping your private video off the cloud and away from the prying eyes of hackers.

Why Us?

We are a small team with with a big dream. It began nearly two years ago:

Our latest “wireless” security pitch was met with indifference in Seoul. “It’s not really wireless. . .” 

It is here where it all began: could solar powered security now be consumer feasible? Wireless power seemed still a dream.

In our combined experience we’ve helped bring hundreds of products to market, manufactured over 75,000,000 wireless products distributed throughout the world on behalf of many popular consumer electronics brands – many of whom you likely know very well.

The popular brand manages sales and the marketing.

We manage product concepts and manufacturing.

2,500 Solar Cams

Solar Cam is ready for mass production.

We’ve taken Solar Cam as far as we possibly can completing:

Our contract manufacturer believes in our vision and has supported us by reducing minimum order quantity requirement. With your support, we will produce 2,500 units and the vision becomes reality.

Let’s make renewable energy products for the benefit of all.